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Regulatory submission and approval

Our long and large experience in regulatory submissions is even at greater value now that Bulgarian legislation regarding clinical trials is fully harmonized with EU legislation and guidelines.

Since the key aspect of Biotrade’s services is flexibility, we’ll manage your submission through all validation and assessment process, obtaining approval in respecting timelines and avoiding delays. We’ll provide you with application that meets all current regulations and guidelines or issue-focused support if needed.

About Biotrade

Biotrade Clinical Research Ltd. is a small-sized, regional CRO based in Bulgaria, established in 1996. Since then we are developing the knowledge and the familiarity with Regulatory and Ethics Committee requirements and the necessary ‘know-how’ to guide and assist you through the logistics of conducting your study.

Our aim is to be a true partner to all of our clients, providing a personal service that meets specific requirements. We are strongly committed to quality and our client’s goals and we’ll be honored to help you manage even the most complicated issues with care and personal approach.

Why Biotrade? Because we are:

  • Committed to our customer’s goals
  • Flexible
  • Your partner with local experience
  • Effective team of professionals