Baby series is developed to care for the specific needs of baby’s delicate skin. Specially selected natural ingredients support the physiological skin recovery and enhance her resistance from harmful environmental conditions.


Baby Nappy Rash

baby cream

Calming and soothing cream for red, irritated, sore and cracked skin at the delicate zones. Helps fast recovery of the skin and restores its protective barrier to prevent the formation of wounds, growth of bacteria and fungi. Biotrade Baby cream has a special formula with triple action, which contains Zinc oxide that has healing and drying effect, Undecilenic acid with antimycotic effect and Dimethicone, which softens baby's delicate skin.

Use at every diaper change on clean, dry skin. Apply a thick layer of cream in the evening or when the diaper will be longer in contact with the skin.

Attention: If you experience burning, itching or redness cease use of the product. If complaints are not resolved within three days, consult a dermatologist.


Zinc oxide

Undecilenic acid

Vitamin E

For very irritated, red  skin with diaper rash

  • Soothes and relieves the redness
  • Helps rthe recovery of the skin
  • Prevents from diaper rash