Acne Out

Acne Out

The patented formula of Acne Out series provides adequate care for skin prone to acne and oiliness, blackheads and enlarged pores. The active ingredient has powerful antibacterial action which eliminates the main cause of the condition - Propionibacterium acnes


Acne Out Mattifying Tonic

mattifying tonic

Acne out mattifying tonic is designated for everyday use for oily, acne-prone skin, enlarged pores and blackheads. It removes excessive sebum, tightens pores and mattifies the skin. The tonic contains an antibacterial ingredient that effectively regulates the sebum secretion. After using Acne out mattifying tonic you can apply your preferred everyday moisturizer.



Once or twice a day, morning or evening, wash the face with Acne Out soap or only with water and after that apply Acne Out mattifying tonic with a cotton pad. 

IMPORTANT: After applying Acne out active lotion hands must be washed with water!

Attention: If you experience burning, itching or redness cease use of the product. If complaints are not resolved within three days, consult a dermatologist.

Hexamethylenetetramine - non-antibiotic, broad antibacterial agent.

  • For youth skin prone to pimples and blackheads
  • Oily skin with visible imperfections
  • Against enlarged pores 


  •  Mattifying effect
  •  Cleanses the skin in depth from accumulated sebum
  •  Tightens the enlarge  pores
  •  Prevents from pimples, blackheads and whiteheads
  •  Regulate excessive oiliness