Acne Out

Acne Out

The patented formula of Acne Out series provides adequate care for skin prone to acne and oiliness, blackheads and enlarged pores. The active ingredient has powerful antibacterial action which eliminates the main cause of the condition - Propionibacterium acnes


Acne Out Active

active lotion

Acne out active lotion is designated for special care for skin with mild and moderate acne with pustules on the face, back and neckline. It is also suitable for oily skin which is prone to frequent bacterial infections. The unique formula effectively influence sebum secretion, prevents the appearance of blackheads and pimples on the skin and includes antibacterial ingredient with a broad spectrum of action.

For skin suffering from youth acne, folliculitis and ingrown hairs after hair removal, Acne out active lotion is applied twice a day over the entire affected area with a cotton pad until the skin is soothed and fully recovered

If the pimples are singular, the lotion is applied 3-4 times daily only locally.

Immediately after facial cleansing (back, neckline) at a beauty parlour, the use of Acne out active lotion is a compulsory at least 2-3 times daily for the first two days after the procedure.

Use after shaving and epilation to prevent ingrown hairs:  Immediately after hair removal or shaving apply Acne out active lotion to skin and a few hours later repeat. For 3-4 days apply once a day Acne out active lotion and until the next hair removal preventively apply Acne out mattifying tonic.

IMPORTANT: After applying Acne out active lotion hands must be washed with water! 

Attention: If you experience burning, itching or redness cease use of the product. If complaints are not resolved within three days, consult a dermatologist.


Patented powerful antibacterial self-regulating complex (PASC)

Suitable for:

  • oily skin with acne
  • enlarged pores and blackheads
  • singular pustules
  • ingrown hairs after epilation
  • folliculitis
  • Provides fast penetration and influence on pimples and blackheads
  • Quickly soothes inflammation 
  • Prevents the appearance of pimples
  • Suppresses the development of blackheads
  • Regulates sebum secretion